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Accent Retail Control and Communications Unit

The Accent Retail Control and Communications unit resides at the head office , synchronizes with the head office system (Accent or otherwise) and resiliently captures in real time all the transactions coming from all the EPOS units residing in the worldwide cloud.

The unit also provides the EPOS with on demand updates to the EPOS product/ price internal database. This unit provides the capability to remotely configure the individual EPOS units and provide remote monitoring and sales analysis and much other reporting capability. It provides the EPOS with on demand stock and user sales reports. As well as this it also allows the EPOS units to validate Refunds, deposits and branch transfers and holds a marketing database from customer capture data which allows marketing campaigns to be conducted from market trend analysis. The unit also monitors personnel clocking in and out at the retail units.

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  • Captures all transactions from all EPOS units resiliently in real time
  • Remote EPOS unit configuration
  • Provides EPOS with product/price updates
  • Provides EPOS with stock reports on demand
  • Marketing database CRM and marketing utilities
  • Refund/voucher/transfer/delivery note validation
  • Click and collect interface to the web
  • Real-time EPOS monitoring and security alerts
  • Extensive reporting including sales analysis/ cash-up reports