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Contingencies Management

for large corporations and debt recovery firms

Developed for a large corporation the Accent Contingencies Management System controls the outsourcing of debt to agencies as well as facilitating and management of sale of debt.

The system interfaces to Accent Collections for internal collection departments or third-party debt-recovery systems, and has been designed for high-volume use.

The allocation of debts can be performed in several different ways and by using even split method or by ratio, the system produces files for each agency and updates the debt with the placement no. and agency code.

An enquiry system similar with features to Accent Debt Recovery is available to record diary notes and change state of the debt whilst outsourced. Information can be imported back from the agencies in a variety of file formats and the database be updated to reflect the current state of the debt.

A range of payment files can be uploaded from Agencies together with internal Financial systems and payments cross-referenced, also a wide range of analysis reports are available.


  • Cross-matches internal against external payments
  • Flexible pattern matching for referencing Agents status codes to internal set
  • Configuration tool to import external files in many different formats
  • Export tool to output debt information
  • Outsource of debt to Agencies
  • Sale and buy-back of Debt
  • Tracks debt through multiple placements and returns
  • Financial Analysis of all outsourced debt over 12 month+ period


From Internal Systems

  • Outsourced Debt
  • Internal Payments received
  • Change of Address
  • No Further Action
  • Buy Backs

From DCA

  • Returns files processed
  • Status updates
  • Payments loaded

Accent Contingencies Management System can act as a standalone system or be implemented with Accent Collections - Debt Recovery and Legal.

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