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Digital Ledger an on-line B2B solution

Digital Ledger is designed to sit in a cloud environment and have a nightly or real-time update of open items and customer information whether via windows-based head-office integration tool or via IT departments communicating with the Digital Ledger's web services.

Does your business extend trade credit?

Can your customers:

  • Pay invoices on-line and produce remittances?
  • View and print their statements automatically?
  • Notify you of payments made?

Do you need to be more productive?

Are you wasting time, money and manpower on:

  • Generating invoices and printing copy invoices?
  • Sending statements?
  • Lengthy phone calls discussing customer queries and disputes?

"If you need answers to these questions: then deploy - Digital Ledger"

Here are just a few of the benefits to introducing our solution:

  • Paperless Delivery of business documents - such as Invoices, Statements, POD's etc...
  • 24/7/365 Access for your client base through a secure on-line log-on to manage their accounts
  • Making payments via Credit/Debit Card or setting up Direct Debits / Standing Orders - all payments directed straight into your chosen bank account
  • Supplying remittance advice for payments (whether made on-line or sent in some other form)
  • With the above, it is possible for you to automatically allocate monies into your financials with no human intervention whatsoever
  • Retrieval of copy documents immediately
  • Messaging facilities, to and from your client which can assist with query management and indeed marketing messages and reminders

What does it do?

Details of on-line payments and the allocations made, disputed transactions and general comments can be imported back to head-office. Generic documents can be produced on demand such as copy invoices, or the actual electronic files such as proof of deliveries, contracts and actual invoices, can be exported and held inside the Digital Ledger's document manager whereby the customer can download at will, without the need for manual intervention.

Key Features

  • Available to your clients 24/7
  • Provides on-line information of outstanding invoices
  • Allow customers to print on-line statements
  • Customers can mark invoices for payment and pay on-line
  • Electronic messaging system
  • Allows customers to inform you of any disputed items
  • On-line Remittances
  • Generates copy invoices on-line
  • Configurable Sales marketing /information boxes
  • Notifications and promised payments
  • On-line downloads of documents such as proof of deliveries, actual copy invoices, contracts
  • Opens up new channels of communications which may be your customers' preferred method
  • Automated emailing of sales invoices
  • Automated file transfer of letters to print bureaux


  • GUI Interface maps to your Financials
  • Import/Export of Invoice details
  • Synchronisation of customer data
  • Web services for IT Department's total control
  • Upload of payments and allocation details
  • Disputes imported
  • Secure refresh of on-line site
  • Electronic messaging system
  • Full on-line payment history maintained
  • Sales marketing / Information interface
  • Document management
  • SMS text messaging