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Linux and MySQL Services

Accent provides professional open source services. With over 20 years experience of Linux and MySQL our fully qualified technicians can provide you with IT support, consultancy and help your business take full advantage of what open source software has to offer.

Open Source Services

  • Servers configured with the latest Linux and MySQL community versions
  • Remote monitoring of services
  • Replication on-site and off-site
  • Email and Web servers configured
  • Disaster Recovery

"Helping you save money by taking advantage of professional open source software."

Linux Benefits


  • Using Linux you will find that you have a great amount of freedom when it comes to customising nearly every aspect of the operating system to suit your business. Unlike other operating systems where you could risk corruption if you were to install a third-party shell.


  • There is greater security with Linux as it is already built in, user accounts are separated and it is easy enough to configure so that normal users have no rights outside of their own allocated space.


  • Linux has a great range of software choices when it comes to specific task. You have the ability to download software from the community as well as having the option to edit it and make it better with features that are specific to your business. Almost all the software available is open source so this does cut down the cost too.

MySQL Benefits

Cost Effective

  • MySQL is open source software which means you will be able to create free databases. You will also be able to change and customize the information to suit your requirements and utilise the features to your advantage.

Cross Platform Operability

  • One of the biggest factors of MySQL is the fact that it can be used across different platforms such as Linux, Windows, Solaris and many others without the functionality being affected.


  • When the databases are set up they are very secure and all passwords that have been stored are encrypted restricting unauthorized access to your data.