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Accents technicians are highly skilled and experienced when it comes to using and configuring VMWare. Accents technicians offer full training on virtual machines when you choose to move to virtual servers and on going support to help you make the most of the software.

Virtualisation is a way for you to back-up the existing state of your entire server and upgrade to new hardware leaving your data in exactly the same state as it was before moving it. Being able to do this allows you to continue smoothly running your business and allowing you to tend to your customers rather than having to worry about back-ups and hardware upgrades

Working with Virtualisation software will greatly reduce your management and maintenance costs as well as letting you adopt a single platform approach enabling you to manage your who business from it.

"Accent offer services to configure and manage virtual servers whether using open source versions or enterprise versions"

Benefits of Virtualisation

Saving money

  • By moving data on physical servers to virtual servers and removing the need for physical hardware, your business will be see great savings on power, networking costs, office space and maintenance costs eventually increasing your profit margin.

Image-based backup and restore

  • As virtual machines are not hardware-independent and do not relay on physical servers you will be able to restore image based back-ups on any hardware capable of running the Virtualisation software.

Efficient and Agile

  • Virtual machines will help users be more productive thanks to the reduced down time. The virtual servers can be sized perfectly reducing the need for over-provisioning.

Allow you to move to the Cloud

  • By virtualising your servers you will be making them more portable, this in turn will allow you to make that move the cloud environment whether it be a private cloud to start off with or a public cloud with its many different advances in technology.

Reliability and availability

  • Because virualised servers have less down time and do not have to be maintained in the same way as physical servers you can rest assure that you and your customers will be able to access data quickly and efficiently from anywhere and at any time.