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AWF Financials

Fee scheduling/ billing, WIP & Fee Ledger

AWF is designed for organisations who produce fees based on cost of works, lump sum or time-basis.

Accent have designed this extension specifically for industry sectors that are using fee generation for billing, this extension uses fee schedules to drive the generation and issue of fee notifications to your customers.


  • Multiple fee document styles
  • See fee movements in overview
  • Cumulative reports showing Billed, Allocated and Pending values
  • Sophisticated disbursement and time cost editing tools
  • Toggle between percentages and values for scale fees
  • Management for sector specific lists
  • Manage job properties including:-
    • Basic details
    • Client information
  • Application of special rates, controller details and templates
  • Maintain fee application dates


Cost Recording

  • Multiple fee types defined on jobs
  • Apply a subset of define application dates to fees
  • Flexible reporting for disbursements and time costs
  • Management of special rates for engineers and work types

Fee Generation and Fee Management

  • Date driven fee generation.
  • Non scheduled disbursements included on scale and lump sums
  • Include disbursements and time charges at transaction level
  • Generated fees can be batch posted to accounting back-end
  • Generated fees can be cancelled before being posted back-end
  • Posted fees can be credited after posting to accounting back-end
  • Undo actions of fees are recorded.