Payment Plans

“for companies that operate their own debt collection department that provides the option of payment plans for their clients.”

Based on a rule engine specifically designed to be both powerful and flexible, IIS Payment Plan Management provide all the tools required to standardise the approach to arranging, monitoring and reviewing payment plans, allowing collections departments to reduce costs whilst simultaneously improving customer relations and increasing turnover.

Better planning processes

By eliminating the potential for arbitrary agreements or plans that are unlikely to be met, collections departments can ensure a consistent approach to debt recovery.

eliminate planning inconsistencies

generate targeting and specific repayment plans

Maximise potential plan completions

Offering a way to increase the consistency and relevancy of payment plans offered based on live account data.

Full call analysis

Monitor and record the entire plan negotiation phase; including the offers available and all decision made to reach the outcome.

ability to monitor all customer responses to planning process

return customers to a trading status quickly and efficiently

Active account review tools

Provide a way to return them back into an full trading as soon as possible.

Powerful rules based segmentation

Managers have the ability to interrogate a large set of customer data fields for selecting appropriate planning paths for customers.

Simple and intuitive interface

Collectors are provided with the aggregated data they need to make informed responses and decisions when negotiating plans



  • DPA compatible
  • Management of Instalment Plans
  • Simple interface to powerful rules engine
  • Rule based review of customers aiming at improving their trading status
  • Simple guided completion of arrangement process
  • Unlimited audit history
  • Real time recording of plan amendments


  • Setting direct debits (via web services)


  • Web Service integration
  • Integration with third party Debt Management organisations
  • Import/Export of data
  • Snapshot recording or decision related data
  • Flexible export of recorded data
  • Multiple data update routes

Main Benefits


Consistency when dealing with your customers.


Helps to improve cash flow


Reduces operating costs significantly.


Feasible payment arrangements leads to improves efficiency.


Manage customer through an effective review system


Integration with valuable existing system.

System Requirements


  • Windows XP,2003+,7 or 8
  • 1gb+ memory
  • Intel or Xeon processor single core 3ghz or higher - recommended Dual core 2ghz or higher
  • 100mb+ storage


  • Linux - recommended RedHat Enterprise, Centos 5+, Windows 7 or 2003+
  • Minimum 500mb+ - recommended 4gb+ memory
  • Intel or Xeon processor single core - recommended 3ghz+ or Dual code 2ghz+
  • Minimum 500mb storage - recommended 50gb+

Database Compatibility


  • MySQL v5+ for Linux, Windows or Solaris
  • IBM Informix ids9+ for Solaris


On sending the debt legal the system enters the Accent Legal System. The charging structure is flexible an set up by the users. Charges are automatically invoiced through Accent Financials.