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Accent Financials are a suite of financial modules which provide the core functionality for multi-location and multi-departmental business processes and are ideal for companies who require flexibility in tailoring the solutions to the exact requirements of the business, and where 'out of the box' standard packages do not fit.

"All systems can handle Multi-currency"

Consultancy, Support, Training and Development is provided direct from the authors of the software and not through a tangled network of dealers who have no access to the Software Source code, or in-depth knowledge of the systems

"Tailor-able solutions without massive capital investment"

MTD VAT: Making Tax Digital

MTD is the new HMRC initiative to simplify the process for submitting your monthly or quarterly VAT returns to HMRC. It has been developed
by HMRC to reduce errors in VAT returns. Businesses will (from 29th March 2019) need to keep digital records using either an accounting system or at minimum a
Accent MTD module is available within the Accent financials and we also provide a MTD VAT bringing software application
(AccentVAT) compatible with Excel spreadsheets, OpenDocument spreadsheets and CSV files

If you are interested in the bridging software view the manual Manual
Download and try the accent VAT bridging Program
Watch the Tutorial

Register your interest via the contacts page and we will setup a FREE trial - annual fee single company 90 pounds

Modules available include:

  • Financial Accounts
  • Nominal Ledger
  • Sales Ledger
  • Sales Invoicing
  • VAT
  • Credit Control
  • Purchase Ledger
  • Bank reconciliation
  • Sales Order Processing
  • MTD Vat
  • Stock Control
  • Purchase Order Processing
  • Forward Postings
  • Standing Charges
  • Budgeting

"Bespoke services provided by Accent can quickly and cost-effectively tailor the modules to suite your business requirements"

System Features

High Performance Database The systems are provided to cater for thousands of users and millions of transactions. The database is structured for scalability, reliability and performance. Systems can use open-source databases such as MySQL.
User-friendly Screens have been designed to be easy to use. Repetitive tasks can be automated.
System Manager Many system administration features are available.
Multi-Company All systems can operate multi-company. Companies can be set up by the system administrator on any location on a server or any server on the network. This allows for better load balancing on the bigger installations.
Multi-Currency Multi-currency extends through all modules. An unlimited number of currencies are supported, with automatic calculation of currency profit and loss on currency transactions.
Multi-Locational Accent is designed to analyse data within locations. Whether the location be a branch, or warehouse location within the Inventory system, or a profit and loss centre such as department within the financials.
Multi Periods More than one period can be kept open at any one time allowing transactions to be posted to a period other than the current, or into the previous year.
Audit-ability Transactions can held for an indefinite period, or purged at your discretion. Accent provides the most audit-able software systems due to the powerful 'query by example' and drill down screens. Within Accent documents such as a profit and loss statement can be reprinted years later at will.
Integration All modules fully integrate with each other within the Accent suite together with being fully compatible with Microsoft and Linux desktop applications such as Excel, Word and SunSoft.