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The most comprehensive Credit Control Software on the market today. Developed initially for a major debt agency to handle the management of large sales ledger databases outsourced by large corporations, and now used by agencies and in-house sales ledger departments.

Interfaces to any Financials such as SAGE and Oracle, and uses the same database as the customer web portal Digital Ledger.

The system comprises of a suite of modules: Sales Ledger, Credit Control and Document Management. Originally written for large Unix servers; but now available on the Microsoft Windows platform as stand alone or Client/Server applications. Whether you want an extension to your Sales Ledger, an extensive system for your credit control department or you are a debt collection company, Accent's reputable Sales Ledger and Credit Control system provides all of your debt management needs.

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"Manage your debt and improve your cash flow by deploying Accent Sales Ledger & Credit Control."

System Requirements

  • Windows 98+
  • 250mb+ memory
  • Resolution of screen 800x600 pixels
  • Requires Microsoft Word


  • MySQL
  • SQL server
  • Informix IDS
  • Note: Informix requires on-site installation


  • Interface to on-line Digital Ledger
  • Porting to databases, e.g. Oracle
  • Embedding within Financial packages
  • Automating background tasks

Key Benefits

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Security Screen

The security section of the system helps to ensure that access to the debt figures and customer information is controlled/restricted. You can configure the security settings to suit your company's requirements, this integrated section also includes database settings and user/collector information which you can edit from here.

Advanced Filter

The system' Search Engine and Advanced Filter are highly developed and can be utilised effectively when sifting through masses of data, allowing you rapid location of specified criteria. Also, thorough and complex filters can be created and saved for your re-use.

Status Codes

There are several codes which can be applied to the accounts; as a result, the debtors can be "grouped" in several ways. The codes (Status Code, Business Code, Debt Code and Status Group) assist in the 'breaking down' of the debts within the Reports created, the different codes also act as search criteria when filtering on the data-set for specific accounts.


In addition to the codes which 'group' each account, we have included the 'Tracker' feature which allows you to keep trace of each separate invoice of an account which is making up the total of their debt.

You can add Invoice Status Codes to each invoice and 'chase-up' specific invoices using the Chase a Debt screen; tracker can be enabled/disabled as you require.

Debt Reports

We have included an extensive Reports facility which creates numerous reports based on different debt information, such as; Credit-Limit Reports Age of Debt Report, Status Report - and more. The main Debt Report displays the debt totals broken down into organised groups using the status' business and debt codes. The reports can be exported to other applications, such as Excel and CSV, using the handy "Export" features or they can be printed for review.

Competitive pricing

for Internal Collections Departments
for Agencies

Full and comprehensive training can be provided either on site or at Accent Software Ltd head offices.

We also provide full Installation and configuration services. As part of Accent Software Ltd software development services the Sales Ledger/Credit Control application can be tailored to exactly meet your requirements.

Product Comparison Matrix

Accent Credit Control






Automated letter production

Bulk statement generation

Email statements and chase letters

Unlimited diary history and contact data

Import and export data

Integration with Microsoft Word

Interface provided to third party accounts packages (using ODBC, CSV and dedicated import tool)

Direct interface to Sage accounts packages





Number of companies


Up to 5



Maximum open items (at any one time)





Total debt value (in Sterling)





Automated actions

Customised chase letters

Document management

User security and access control

Internal memo system

Integration with Accent Digital Ledger

Integrates with free open-source database

Agent chase campaigns

Internal Email Reporting

Web based messaging with clients

Remote on-line system for clients

Installation and configuration support


Online help desk support


Installation and support on-site


Prices from





Standard, Professional and Enterprise editions are licensed for internal company use only.

†–requires Microsoft Word.

‡–standard includes 30 days free support; profession includes 90 days free support.

*–standard operational debt value of 150k rising to 450K with options.

**–standard operational debt value of 450k rising to 950K with options.

♦–special support options available for service providers and agencies.