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Accent Payroll for Partnerships

Accent Payroll is a non-PAYE payroll designed to calculate partners tax and NI due on a periodic basis.

There are many payrolls on the market which cater of PAYE staff, but few which deal with the periodic payments to partners.

Accent found many partnerships wanted a similar system to calculate pay based on an entered tax code and NI value, but of course not to deal with PAYE.

Accent tailored their existing payroll to deal specifically with this so as to provide a packaged solution to the marketplace.

"Partnerships which did this manually, even if using spreadsheets, can ease this process by deploying Accent Payroll."


  • Taxable/Non-taxable additions and deductions can be applied to partner records
  • Calculates pay as if PAYE staff and produces payslips
  • Partnership sick and holiday pay can be applied
  • Full pay history maintained
  • Maintains partners personnel and employment details
  • Full analysis reports produced per period and cumulative
  • Student loan repayments
  • Multiple-years held
  • Full security configurable by administrator

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